All products production firm "AST" is produced according Change NO. 1 TU.U. 22.2-13822324-001: 2012 'Products of thermoplastic materials' and meets the high requirements of national and international quality standards.

Product quality is controlled by its own laboratory certified company (certificate number of certified production laboratory PX-1405/15 of 03.19.2015 g.).

This allows us to confidently say that the quality of plastic products meets the highest European standards.

The company has certified quality management system ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004.

To confirm the quality of products our company independent laboratory conducted the tests and received a certificate of conformity Derzhstandartmetrologiya.

All products meet the requirements of SanPIN №602-123-20-1/24080 sanitary standards. Valid number of migration (DCM), chemicals released from the polymer and other materials in contact with food products and methods for their determination ', as evidenced obtained hygienic products for our company.