Polyethylene - the most popular polymer material used to make packaging materials. This is one of the oldest polymers that today is indispensable for the manufacture of packaging containers, cans, bottles and various plastic products. Despite the rapid development and progressive introduction of innovative technologies and materials, polyethylene importance does not diminish, but rather a demand for it and its use is growing.

For the manufacture of our products used in the production of high density polyethylene (High-density polyethylene), or also known as polyethylene of low pressure. It is used in the manufacture of plastic products by extrusion-blow molding.

Polyethylene pressure shows no reaction with different concentrations of alkali, inorganic and organic acids, ctiykyy to water, solutions of acidic, neutral and basic salts.

Also, the big advantage of high-density polyethylene is the ease and simplicity of processing. Today there are a large number of processing plants HDPE-waste, where products with plastics sorted, split in special units and are processed into raw materials for reuse.